THE FUZEAU FACSIMILE: an identical reproduction of a restored period score

All period score restoration is realized by Anne Fuzeau Productions in Bressuire (79 - France).

What’s the Fuzeau facsimile ?

  • Autograph manuscripts
  • Original editions
  • Period copies
  • Sketches

Avant - Après


This is a result of Fuzeau’s technique: a lengthy, painstaking, delicate job of restoration. It makes available to musicians an original reproduction of the work cleansed of the traces of time.


The high quality of the paper allows the user to make notes and erase them at will.


The publications regroup the various sources of a given work and are preceded by musicological introductions in three languages.

Before / After

Our facsimiles collections

Basse continue

Methods & Treatises :

Supervised by Jean Saint-Arroman

The complete theorethic documentation on one instrument in one or several books.


Marin marais

French classical music from 1650 to 1800 :

Supervised by Jean Saint-Arroman and Philippe Lescat

The collection covers French works from 1650 to 1800. There are approximately 180 works for soloists or chamber music ensembles, plus a collection of major motets and another collection of operas.



Dominantes XVe-XXe :

Supervised by Jean Saint-Arroman

The collection “DOMINANTES” contains original editions, published in the composer’s lifetime and under his supervision. The scores are selected solely from among the established masterpieces of western music. French music of the period 1650 to 1800 will not be included, as it already features in another of our collections.

Each publication is preceded by a short, trilingual, presentation comprising a chronological table placing the work in its historical context, and a musicological commentary on the published work.



Facsimusic :

Supervised by Jean Saint-Arroman

Facsimusic is collection of scores of 5 to 25 pages. The decision not to include a preface was logical in that such prefaces should either provide documentation or serious analysis, as is the case of our other facsimile collections with prefaces in three languages. This new collection places the emphasis on the music itself rather than on explanatory texts, as the length of the preface would be disproportionate to the score itself. This is why a separate collection has been created.

The restoration of the scores and the clarity of the printing are of the same high standard as our other publications, consequently the quality of the score is preserved but at a reduced cost.

We hope that the facsimusic collection will be favourably received by all musicians and music-lovers.


Frédéric Chopin

Works of Frédéric Chopin :

Proposed by Alex Szilasi

The complete original edition in facsimile of the works by Frédéric Chopin.



Esther : romantic works for piano

Presented by Alex Szilasi

Alex Szilasi introduces the different stages of the composer life and give an insight into the most important moments of the birth and evolution of Romanticisme.


Flûte à bec

Facsimiles & Teaching :

Supervised by Jean Saint-Arroman

Each volume of this collection contains twelve pages of music in facsimile reproductions, based on original editions or period manuscripts. Each volume corresponds to a particular conservatory or music school grade. Pupils may thus acquire for a modest sum the works to be studied during the school year or played at examinations. Each volume is devoted to a particular instrument and the choice of works has been entrusted to teachers of repute.


Premiers Fac-similés

First facsimiles :

Supervised by Jean Saint-Arroman

This collection makes available to young musicians facsimiles of easy pieces. The first contact with music sources and first steps towards playing from facsimiles of original editions.


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