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Teaching system on IMPROVISATION of Anto Pett

Anne Fuzeau Classique propose books on music.

A presentation followed by and interview on Improvisation with Etienne Rolin.

I am convinced that all human beings are capable of making music on a simple level. When we want to develop our abilities towards more professional level, it is necessary to practise (it) a lot. This exercise system helps to develop concentration of attention, technical skills, emotional expressiveness, speed of thinking and self-assurance. I have used these exercises similarly successfully by teacing young musicians, who have just started  to learn their instrument and it also gives quick results to top level professional musicians, who need " reviving" their immense experienses in music for expressing their own ideas. This method helps to open and develop the creative activity and will establish step by step the control over actions and movements of technical execution and of thinking processes. Improvisation as an infinitely versatile mode of self-expression is limited only by the imagination of the performer. All exercises have unlimited possibilities for variants, in this short edition the main ideas of each exercise are presented and the direction of their development is shown.

I am very grateful to Etienne Rolin, who urged me to write down this method and also to Külli Sula and Jean-Pascal Ollivry for their help in translations of the texts into English and French.

Book of 64 pages: 32 pages (french version) + 32 pages (english version) + 1 CD.

Teaching system on IMPROVISATION

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